Promoting the use of ornamental plants, products and services.  The association supports all constituent groups of the horticulture industry.

Maryland Nursery and Landscape presents their directory of products and services.  Find a vendor who is a member!  It is easy try it now!



Consumer Corner


The MNLA is a group of Maryland businesses looking to protect and enhance the quality of the horticulture industry.  The MNLA has a program in place that can help you, the consumer.  that program is CPH.  The Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) is a certification program that qualifies the knowledge and skills of employees of Maryland businesses.  Be sure to ask for CPH wen preparing to hire a business and their services.  For more information about CPH, click here.

There is now an easy way to find a nursery, landscaper, or any other vendor who is a member of the MNLA.  Visit our directory!

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