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In 1985 the Maryland Nurserymen’s Association began its Certified Professional Horticulturist program.  After meeting a combination of educational and work experiences, and studying a comprehensive manual that is the heart of the program, an applicant must pass a rigorous examination in order to be certified.

 The objectives of the program are:

«     To raise and improve the professional standards of the nursery, landscape, and garden center industries by giving special recognition to individuals who have demonstrated a high level of competence in the principles and practices relevant to these industries. 

«        To encourage and promote the education and training of new employees. 

«         To encourage and promote continuing education and training of all nursery, landscape, and garden center employees, including owners and managers. 

The Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) program is sponsored by the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association. Responsibility for administering the CPH program rest with an eight-member board.  The board is comprised of four appointed members from the Association, representing nursery, landscape,. and garden center industries; one member from the University of Maryland Department of Horticulture; one member from the Maryland Department of Agriculture; the president and the executive secretary of the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association.  

The CPH examinations are prepared, conducted, and graded by or under the direction of the CPH Certification Board.

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