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The Horticulture Industry in Maryland

The face of Agriculture in Maryland is rapidly changing as demonstrated by the statistical profile The Maryland Horticulture Industry 2000.  Nursery crops, while having a long history in Maryland's agricultural profile, have emerged as a profitable and fast growing farm commodity.  The statistical profile and economic survey provide insight into the significance of nursery and landscape activities in Maryland.

Here are a few highlights from the statistical profile:


Gross receipts exceeded $1.15 billion in 2000 and were expected to exceed $1.23 billion in 2001
                *  Retail sales accounted for 68%
                *  Landscape Installation and Maintenance accounted for 19%
                *  Wholesale sales accounted for 12%
                *  Other categories accounted for 1% ($11.4 million, impressive for 1%)


Woody plants topped product sales
                *  Woody plants 37%
                *  Annual 29%
                *  Herbaceous Perennials 22%
                *  Aquatics 7% (this crowd is moving fast)
                *  Other products 5%


Maryland wholesale growers generate over $286 million from 10,000 production acres, including 15 million square feet of covered (greenhouse) space.


Over 14,800 people are employed by the industry
                * 53% are employed for over 150 days
                *  Average labor wage is $8.60/hr - roughly $3.00/hr above minimum wage


Factors Limiting Growth
                *  Human Resources - a very important factor limiting growth
                *  Government Regulations - an important factor limiting growth
                *  Marketing - is also an important factor limiting growth

The conclusions stated in the survey demonstrate a conservative profile of the "Green Industry" in Maryland.  All of Maryland's annual and foliage plant producers are not included in the survey.  Landscape contractor "hardscape" activities are not included in the survey.  And, the survey does not include the millions of dollars in economic activity generated by such events as the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show held in Baltimore each January.

The USDA Agricultural Census currently being performed will provide additional statistical data from 2002 that can be used to further monitor industry growth.  Look for the results of this survey in late 2003.

The Maryland Horticulture Industry 2000 publication has proved an invaluable tool for defending the industry's economic stature in the state.  Bankers, legislators, regulators, and educators have referred to the survey data when developing their thoughts and policies influencing the Green Industry.

Look for the publication The Maryland Horticulture industry 2003 in late 2004.


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